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2021 Ultimate Gift Giving Guide

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Need a gift for that special kiddo on your list ages birth to 10 years? Gift confidently with our 2021 Ultimate Gift Giving Guide based on developmental play and what's in this season!


The 2021 holiday season is upon us, and with that comes wishlists and gift giving! Each year, Amanda and Kate send recommendations on gifts to clients at their request. This year, we decided to centralize our recommendations and provide a guide based on our developmental expertise, tried and true toy favorites, and what is "in" this season.

*the following links may be affiliate links where Bold Child Co. makes a small commission at no cost to you.


  1. Black and White Book that stimulates cognitive/visual development and stands up

  2. Soothing Infant Teether that strengthens the muscles of suck and improves tongue mobility

  3. Star Teethers that work on baby's grip and tongue mobility; great stocking stuffers

  4. Easy Grip Ball that works on early grasp and hands to midline

  5. Pediatric Therapists Favorite Rattle that works on early grasp, has several sensory experiences, and changes color when bumped, see why we love it here

  6. Tummy Time Mirror to make tummy time engaging

  7. Amanda's favorite bottles - Dr. Browns

  8. Pacifiers that support breastfeeding and tongue movement

  9. Links for early grasping

  10. Play Gym designed by therapists, approved by therapists


  1. Light Bar to keep baby engaged during tummy play and early sitting

  2. Baby Paper makes fun noises and has the added black and white we love

  3. Whimsical Teether that has a nostalgic feel and the added benefit of shopping small

  4. Peds PT Approved Sitting Device, see why we love it here

  5. B+W Water Tummy Time Mat develops vision, promotes play during tummy time

  6. Easy Grasp Rattle and for hands to midline play and teething

  7. Soothing Rain Stick toy for hands to midline and shaking

  8. Tummy Time prop favorite that also helps facilitate early sitting

  9. Rainbow Stacking/Nesting Cups with endless ways to stack, snap, and play

  10. Montessori inspired Wooden Toy with bright colors and sounds to engage baby

6-12 MONTHS:

  1. Spinning Toy build hand-eye coordination and keep kiddos engaged with this bright stacking/spinning toy that is fun for years to come

  2. Light Up Musical Shape Drum works on fine motor control and shape matching

  3. Training Spoons and Early Utensils make great stocking stuffers; see Amanda's utensil tips here

  4. Suction Cup Mat for vertical play and keeping toys on the highchair

  5. Pop Up Toy for cause-and-effect play

  6. Suction Cup toy to keep baby entertained at meal times

  7. Peds PT Approved Walking Device see why we're picky about walkers here

  8. Soft Play Obstacle Course for endless gross motor play

  9. Shop small with this Snack Time Favorite that also suction cups to the table

  10. Feeding therapist FAVORITE High Chair


  1. Piggy Bank fine motor and hand-eye coordination

  2. Wooden Car Ramp for cause-and-effect play

  3. Magnetic Fishing Game Montessori inspired hand-eye coordination training

  4. Object Permanence Box Montessori inspired box working on the concept things exist when you cannot see them

  5. Montessori inspired Carrot Matching Game

  6. Mega Blocks for early brick-building play

  7. Y-Bike with Parent Handle for early bike coasting and strolling

  8. Montessori Inspired Shelf for toy organization

  9. Musical Hammer Toy for gross motor and fine motor play while keeping it musical

  10. Activity Cube to explore and work on standing skills

1.5 YEARS:

  1. Shape/Sound Sorter fine motor, shape sorting, makes fun sounds

  2. Color Sorting Hedge Hog see ideas on ways to play here

  3. Wobble Board for balance, play, and lounging, see play ideas for older kiddos here

  4. Soft Tunnel to promote gross motor play and coordination between arms and legs

  5. Bath Pipes and Cogs for cause-and-effect and vertical play

  6. Barn and Animals Play Set gets your little one imitating animal sounds and playing in vertical space

  7. 100 Words Electronic Book has two languages and encourages early literacy

  8. Gear Toy for sequence building; makes a great stocking stuffer

  9. Wheely Bug for balance and gross motor development

  10. Multicolor Block Set for fine motor control, designed by therapists


  1. Obstacle Course Building Set for endless indoor play that works on balance and coodination

  2. Bears in Pairs early matching game for turn taking

  3. Pegs for stacking, lacking, and fine motor control

  4. Wobble Seat for open-ended play and balance

  5. Toddler Friendly Scooter for coordination and balance; be sure to add protective wear

  6. Balance Bike skip those trikes and training wheels to accelerate kiddos bike learning, see our tips here

  7. Stacking Shape Sorter for colorful, matching play and fine motor control

  8. Potato Family for hours of creative play, see our favorite way to play here

  9. Plasma Car to build core strength and motor control

  10. Orchard Game for early, cooperative play


  1. Pop Tubes fun sensory play that also make great stocking stuffers

  2. Suction Cup Toys see ideas on ways to play here

  3. Magnetic Tiles to promote creative play; see our fun vertical play post here

  4. Wooden Lacing Toy that is designed to be passed down through generations

  5. Games that work on cognition, turn taking, and simple rule following: Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Don't Break The Ice

  6. Play Foam for non-toxic, sensory play; see it in action here

  7. Non-Toxic Water Beads make great stocking stuffers

  8. Sensory Bin Tools for scooping, pincer practice, and quiet play

  9. Wooden Stepping Stones for Floor Is Lava play, balance, and coordination; see it here

  10. iPad Compatible Letters to make learning the ABCs and 123s more engaging

4-6 YEARS:

  1. Pirate game to work on fine motor control and turn taking

  2. Indoor/Outdoor Hopscotch change the configuration of these hops to keep it fun and challenging

  3. Track Set for planning and sequencing with endless configuration

  4. Humpty Dumpty Wall Game for turn taking and strategizing

  5. iSpy Dig In game adds a fun twist to this beloved game/book series

  6. Fishing Game builds hand-eye coordination

  7. Stomp Rocket for gross motor play; see why we love it here

  8. Fidget Popper Game Board, Notebook, Spinners all make great stocking stuffers

  9. Fort Building Kit for endless imaginative play

  10. Robot Matching Game for attention to detail and learning winning/losing play

6-8 YEARS:

  1. Door Pong for hand-eye coordination and big laughs; Kate's household favorite

  2. Suspend fine motor and planning game

  3. Twiddle Fidget great stocking stuffers on every elementary-aged kiddos list

  4. Outside Ropes Course for core muscles, coordination and balance

  5. Clay Animals for following steps and fine motor control

  6. Coding Robot for cognitive development and fine motor control

  7. Fuse Beads and Boards for fine motor control, patterning, and copying from plans

  8. Friendship Bracelet Loom and Threads for fine motor control

  9. Backlit Tracing Pad for hand-eye coordination

  10. Hover Soccer Ball for safe indoor play to work on balancing and coordination

8-10 YEARS:

  1. Spike Ball for fun active play at the beach, in the yard, or anywhere you wish to take this portable and active game

  2. LED Soccer Ball to keep the fun and coordination training going long after dark

  3. BeyBlades and Arena for hand-eye coordination and strength as well as fine motor control for assembly

  4. Razor Scooter for balance and motor control

  5. 3D Maze Building Kit for squencing and hand-eye coordination

  6. Unlock LEGO creativity with the LEGO Ideas Book

  7. Get off the screens with this re-make of an old favorite SIMON Air

  8. Rubik's Revolution adds a fun and challenging game to this classic; great stocking stuffer

  9. A 3D Puzzle Game that will get the parents playing along with the kids

  10. Hurdles and Agility Kit for the budding athlete to build coordination and speed

Did you find this guide helpful? If so, we'd love to hear about your picks to fill those shopping lists with on our Instagram @boldchildco (click here)

Happy Holidays - Amanda and Kate

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